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    ‘Supercut – Spoiler Alert’

    Well it’s a new day and here is yet another montage, the second in two days. Lucky for us, it’s just as great. Yesterday we showed you A Brief History of Title Design. This time however, it’s the work of youtuber Hatinhand. He brings us a montage sequence of  amazing movie ending spoilers. Overall there […] More

  • The Best Films Ever Screened At The Fantasia Film Festival (Part 3)

    Fantaisa has expanded its programming in the past five years and with that the festival has become even longer – perhaps too long. Ranging anywhere from three to four weeks, it leaves me pretty much brain-dead by the end of the month. Bloodshot eyes, Sleep deprivation and repetitive dinners at Al-Taib aren’t exactly a recipe […] More

  • The Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 Part 4 (Revised)

    110- Headless Women (2009) Directed by Lucrecia Martel Genre: Thriller This masterly, disturbing and deeply mysterious film is an astounding portrait of a person entirely out of sync with her own existence. Headless Woman doesn’t fit neatly into a clear storyline, and will frustrate most viewers, but after just three features Lucrecia Martel has firmly […] More

  • Trailer: Centurion

    Centurion is the upcoming British historical thriller, directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent, Doomsday). The film revolves around the legendary Ninth Legion marching north to wipe out the Picts and their leader Gorlacon. The legion was joined by Quintus Dias, a survivor from a Roman frontier fort that the Picts originally raided. Historically, the Ninth […] More

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    The 100 Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 (part 6)

    Before I get to number 49 I feel the need to list fifty honorable mentions. This is a very personal list and I am confident that I could have easily chosen 100 foreign language films or 100 independent art house films and skipped out on all the Hollywood flicks, but I decided to go with […] More