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Smash, Ep.2.13: “Opening Night” It’s Hit List Time to Shine

As Smash heads into the final stretch, most likely for good, this Saturday’s episode gives the audience an overdue taste of what Hit List is all about. But it might be too little too late. Why are we just now getting to see the heart of Hit List? Before the second season even began the audience knew everything there is to know about Bombshell so why after nearly a whole season does Smash now get around to showing us the whole of Hit List (or at least the best part when Karen gets shot)?

Smash - Season 2

Smash, Ep.2.12: “Opening Night” A Night That Fizzles Out

When the term “opening night” is used in reference to a Broadway show or any type of theatre for that matter, it can evoke a nervous, edge of your seat feeling. Will the actors remember all their lines and cues? How will the press react? What will the audience think? Is it going to spark sold-out performances for the rest of its run? So when an episode of Smash titles itself “Opening Night” one can only hope it will be suspenseful and fill us (that tiny Smash audience that’s hanging on by the thinest piece of thread) with anxiety. But “Opening Night” completely fizzles out and lamely rests on plot lines Smash continues to rehash.

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