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    Staff List: Steven Soderbergh’s Best Films

    Steven Soderbergh became the poster child for new American independent cinema in the 90’s, after winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for his debut feature Sex, Lies, & Videotape. Soderbergh spent the better part of the ensuing decade, directing small idiosyncratic films, and often wearing many hats including producer, screenwriter, cinematographer and […] More

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    London Film Festival `09: The Informant!

    The Informant! Directed by Steven Soderbergh You can’t keep a good executive down. After ENRON, after Lehman Brothers and the continuing fury at executive bonuses  it was quite a change to see the corporate executive class as brimming with ineffective buffoons rather than coldly calculated capitalist psychopaths, in The Informant! Matt Damon stars as the […] More

  • Michael Jackson doc/Venice Film Festival highlights/Michael Sheen added to Tron: Legacy/Yet another “Saw” Film/Apatow contracted to Universal

    MJ Documentary? The King of Pop continues to be incredibly lucrative, even in death.  The latest posthumous venture concerns the “…rights to the approximately 80 hours of high-definition, full dress rehearsal footage captured by AEG Entertainment, the company behind Jackson’s concert series.”  It’s the rehearsal footage for the “This Is It” series of 50 live […] More

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    Trailers: The Informant!

    It’s been over a month since Steven Soderbergh’s last release The Girlfriend Experience.  So it’s about time we got a look at his latest film The Informant starring Matt Damon.  Expecting a Michael Clayton style drama I was pleasantly surprised the film is being billed as a black comedy.  The Trailer has a couple real […] More