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    The Televerse #138- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 4- Riget

    It’s Simon’s last week on the podcast, for the immediate future, and TV did not disappoint this week, giving us plenty of fantastic comedy and drama to discuss in this extra-long episode. First we take a look at the comedies, including the Community finale, the Adventure Time premiere, the Archer Vice finale, and excellent episodes […] More

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    100 Greatest Horror Movies (pt.5): 50-26

    Throughout the month of October, Editor-in-Chief and resident Horror expert Ricky D, will be posting a list of his favorite Horror films of all time. The list will be posted in six parts. Click here to see every entry. As with all lists, this is personal and nobody will agree with every choice – and […] More

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    A Brief History of Title Design

    Put together to compete in the SXSW Title Design Competition, Ian Albinson has edited a large mix of some of the greatest film and television titles ever made. Slashfilm reports that the websites mission is: A compendium and leading web resource of film and television title design from around the world. We honor the artists […] More


    Opening credits: are they witty, colourful, innovative, or just the cinematic equivalent of wallpaper? A barrage of production company logos is all very well, but there’s something about a clever combination of words, images – animated or photographic – and music, all condensed into a few minutes of screen time, that heightens your sense of […] More