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    Sarah’s 5 Most Anticipated films of NYFF 2015

    As a first time attendee of the New York Film Festival, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by this year’s selection of films. I’ve been mentally preparing for the slew of world premieres and other festival favorites that will surely play a crucial part in the upcoming awards season. I’ve never attended a film festival […] More

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    Katie’s Top 5 films to see at Fantastic Fest 2015

    When people think of a film festival’s must see flicks, most are geared towards the films with the largest following and the biggest marketing campaign. But then again this is Fantastic Fest. The final frontier of rebel festivals that goes against the grain of all that mainstream hoopla. A great example of the Fantastic spirit, […] More

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    Limping, Lisping and Lobstering: Escaping Yorgos Lanthimos’ Hotel of Purity

    Back when Greek auteur Yorgos Lanthimos first clambered barefaced upon the international stage with his daring Dogtooth, quite a few hastened to mention its striking resemblance to Arturo Ripstein’s similarly self-contained The Castle of Purity, made some 35 years earlier. In the wake of his first English-language effort The Lobster, one might even go further and compare all that Lanthimos has done thus far to Ripstein’s film: the […] More