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    Halfway Mark: The Best Movies of 2014 (so far) Part 2

        15. Stranger by the Lake Directed by Alain Guiraudie Written by Alain Guiraudie France Though Stranger by the Lake premiered at last year’s Cannes Film Festival (and appeared on Sound On Sight’s best of 2013 list), it finally reached North American audiences in January of this year. Alain Guiraudie’s stunning noir-tinged thriller is […] More

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    Halfway Mark: The Best Movies of 2014 (so far) Part 1

    Picking the best movies that come out in any given year is no easy feat. For film fans, a quality feature can come out at any time, from any one, and discovering an enjoyable and well-crafted feature is truly a pleasure. As we reach the halfway point of the year, many excellent films have already […] More

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    Sordid Cinema #76: ‘The Raid 2’ and ‘Oculus’

    This week on Sordid Cinema (the demented all genre stepchild to our flagship podcast), we sit down to discuss Oculus, the sophomore feature form upcoming director Mike Flanagan, who graced us with his partially Kickstarter-funded feature debut two years ago titled Absentia. That film went on to crack Sound On Sight’ best horror films of […] More

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    ‘The Raid 2’, from Gareth Evans, releases a new trailer

    One of the unexpected critically acclaimed movies of 2011 was the Indonesian action film The Raid: Redemption. The third feature from filmmaker Gareth Evans garnered fans in both the critical and commercial film community, with many excited to see a continuation of the film. Evans soon announced a sequel, titled The Raid 2, which eventually […] More

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    Hey You Geeks!! Podcast #16: Geek Free-For-All

    In episode 16 of the Hey You Geeks podcast we’re digging into what seems like an endless deluge of franchise shakeups and geek-movie news. We’re discussing the Star Wars rewrites, timing shifts in the Batman vs. Superman movie, rumors of Johnny Depp playing a certain Marvel sorcerer, the problems with today’s comics industry and more. After that, […] More

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    Best Movie Trailers of 2013 (Part One)

      It’s not easy making a great movie, but it’s even harder making a great trailer. Like all advertising, movie trailers have evolved in the last few decades to become a genuine pop culture event. An effective trailer can do wonders for a film, especially for a film that doesn’t come with a built-in audience. […] More