The Sopranos

Greatest TV Pilots: The Sopranos ‘The Sopranos’ – All Agida, All The Time

When we first meet Tony Soprano, he’s sitting in a waiting room, staring at a statue of a naked woman exposing her breasts. The first shot frames Tony’s face between her legs, then a series of shots closing in on Tony’s face, the statue’s breasts, Tony’s face, and her face. His brow is wrinkled, and he alternates looking at her and looking at the floor. It’s a fantastic opening shot to one of TV’s most cinematic pilots, establishing a number of important details before a line of dialogue is even spoken: Tony’s black shirt and gold watch suggest some sort of upper-class demeanor – the credits preceding it, with the lyrics talking about “the chosen” one embracing the dark side, also further contextualize Tony’s character – and he’s obviously a man’s man, the first frame establishing his favorite place to be (between a woman’s legs).

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