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    The Definitive Best Picture Losers

    #10. Chinatown (1974) Lost to: The Godfather Part II Well, no one will argue that it should have won, but still. Roman Polanski’s film made a true leading man out of Jack Nicholson. It grabbed eleven nominations, only taking home one. That being said, that one was for Original Screenplay, written by Robert Towne, which may […] More

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    The Past, Present, and Future of Real-Time Films Part Two

    SIDNEY AND THE SIXTIES: REAL-TIME 1957-1966 Throughout the 1950s, Hollywood’s relationship with television was fraught: TV was a hated rival but also a source of cheap talent and material, as in the case of the small-scale Marty (1955), which won the Best Picture Oscar. These contradictions were well represented by the apparently “televisual” 12 Angry […] More

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    The 33 Most Expensive Movie Props Ever

    Film fans can be some of the most passionate fans in the world. Many cinephiles have their rooms filled and walls covered with posters, models, books, and strange odds and ends. Some of the wealthier movie fanatics are privileged (and slightly crazy) enough to take home pieces of cinema history themselves at great costs. Robot […] More

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    The Definitive Movie Musicals: 10-1

    The end is here – if someone asked you what the most important movie musical of all time was, it would come from this portion of the list. Obviously, it’s all subjective, but it’s difficult to make a case against the influence of these films on our culture and the industry as a whole. So, […] More

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    Once Upon A Time, Ep. 3.15, “Quiet Minds” sneaks in some major twists

    Just when we think that Once Upon a Time has forgotten about our beloved Belle, the writers hit us with an episode like “Quiet Minds”. While Belle does not have much of a role in the present day storyline, it is nice to see her and Neal popping up in the past.

    Emilie de Ravin has always been a nice addition to the cast and she knows how to hold her own against the big gun characters. She proved that when she first debuted back in the first season of Once Upon a Time. It’s clear that she is glad to be given something to do here and that something just happens to be teaming up with Neal- the two of them are convinced that Rumplestiltskin can be resurrected and they are determined to do just that. Pairing de Ravin with Michael Raymond-James is brilliant on the writers’ part. Like Josh Dallas’ storyline last week, it’s a chance to spend time with characters we never get to see up front and center. More

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    ‘Finding Nemo’ and cinema’s affection for separation

    Finding Nemo encompasses a tremendous amount of positive imagery that makes up Disney and Pixar’s populous appeal. From learning how to trust family and friends, to overcoming biggest fears and obstacles, Finding Nemo understands how to tap into the audience’s heartstrings and neatly ties in a meaningful message for the viewer to take home. Yet […] More

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    TIFF Bell Lightbox Presents: Conversations with Slavoj Žižek and Naseeruddin Shah

    Toronto – In early October, TIFF Bell Lightbox will be hosting two special events that aim to provide insight and discourse into contemporary and international cinema. Filled with onstage discussions with eminent and respected figures in the field, TIFF Bell Lightbox will be transformed into what can only be described as a temporary lecture hall […] More

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    TIFF Cinematheque presents a Summer in France: ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg’; Singin’ French in the Rain

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Directed by Jacques Demy Written by Jacques Demy France, 1964 There’s a bloke from Germany that can run the 100-metre dash in 13.6 seconds. He can also run the 200-metre in 31.56 seconds. There’s another lad who can run the 400-metre in 69.56 seconds. He’s also German. The main concern regarding […] More

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