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Interview with ‘Cavewoman’ creator Budd Root

Budd Root is the creator, writer, and artist of Cavewoman, a comic book series published mainly by Root’s own Basement Comics, as well as Caliber Comics and Avatar Press. Cavewoman is a science fiction series that features time travel to a prehistoric wilderness and DNA altering of humans to provide superhuman strength and agility to those who must withstand the rigors of time travel. Meriem Cooper, the series’ protagonist, is a vivacious and buxom young woman, drawn in the “good girl” style, who uses her superhuman powers to survive in a harsh environment full of carnivorous creatures. She befriends a giant gorilla, Klyde, and goes on a variety of jungle-themed adventures, including rescuing, then raising, a pair of Tyrannosaurus hatchlings, Harmony and Peace. Harmony remains Meriem’s companion, while Peace becomes one of her deadliest enemies. Overall, the book has become very successful and has seen special issues and one-shots published along with the main title. One of those one-shots, Cavewoman: Jungle Tales, received a nomination for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Story in 1999.

‘Predestination’ is an original thrill in a dead January landscape

Walking into Predestination clean is perhaps the best advice to offer any cinephile willing to hunt down this likely future cult classic. It would be easy to just describe Predestination as Looper tossed in a blender with Minority Report, but the Spierig Brothers are going in a very different direction here. A direction that may lose a few viewers along the way.

Childhood memories and explaining ‘Donnie Darko’

The gateway movie to my full-blown film addiction was Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko (2001). Kelly has yet to create a film that matches the mood or magnitude of his first success. This supernatural thriller has sparked a cult following behind its intense narrative and themes. Countless arguments have played out discussing it’s a representation of madness. Made in only 28 days it utilised a low budget of 4.5 million. This made it a poster-child for indie films.

Fantasia 2014: Predictable elements of ‘Predestination’ are compensated with emotional satisfaction

Based on Robert A. Heinlein’s short story All You Zombies, Predestination sees an unnamed agent (Ethan Hawke) for the temporal agency leap through time to catch an elusive serial murderer known as The Fizzle Bomber before he destroys over ten city blocks in New York. The only problem is the bomber seems to be aware of the attempts to stop him, as he keeps changing the specific day and time of his latest catastrophe.

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