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    Staff List: The 40 Best Films of 2012

    #30: Cloud Atlas Directed by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski Written by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski Cloud Atlas is essentially a patchwork of narratives thematically linked with minor coincidences and recurring symbolism. With six stories spanning several centuries, Cloud Atlas explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact […] More

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    2012: The Best Movies of October

    Every thirty days, I like to post a list of my favorite films I’ve recently watched. Here are the best films I’ve seen throughout the month of October. This list is based on movies theatrically released here in Canada, and I do not include what I have seen at film festivals. **** 1: Holy Motors […] More

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    Almost Arthouse #3: ‘Cloud Atlas’ & ‘Speed Racer’

    In this episode of Almost Arthouse, host Ty Landis and regular co-host Tom Stoup discuss the rather divisive and ambitious Cloud Atlas from Andy and Lana Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer, a film that premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Also on the docket this week, a look back at the 2008 film Speed Racer from […] More

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    ‘Cloud Atlas’ an ambitious endeavor containing too little emotional heft

    Cloud Atlas Directed by Tom Tykwer, Andy and Lana Wachowski Written by Tom Tykwer, Andy and Lana Wachowski Germany/USA/ Hong Kong/Singapore, 2012 Beyond its unparalleled ambition, Cloud Atlas is a film that carries too little emotional heft to truly resonate. In what will easily go down as the most divisive film-going experience of the year, and potentially live on […] More

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    Sunday Shorts: Tom Tykwer’s ‘Epilog’

    Today’s film is the 1992 short Epilog, also known as Epilogue. The short, which is in German, is written and directed by German filmmaker Tom Tykwer, who also composed original music for the short. Tykwer is perhaps best known for his 1997 film Run Lola Run, as well as 2006’s Perfume: The Story of a […] More

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    ‘Cloud Atlas’ and ‘Bound’

    Already being hailed as one of the most ambitious movies to come down the proverbial pike in ages, The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer co-directed Cloud Atlas has arrived to fiercely divided reaction. Ricky, Julian and Simon tackle the three-hour epic with an appropriately thorough take (beware spoilers!); before that, Ricky and Simon take a look […] More

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    Unsung Gems: ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’

    Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Directed by Tom Tykwer Screenplay by Tom Tykwer, Andrew Birkin & Bernd Eichinger Germany, 2006 It’s been a staple of European film for many an era; the sensory cinematic experience. That is, a movie that isn’t a movie, what really is a motion picture, and one that takes most […] More

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    Trailer: Tom Tykwer’s “Three”

    Hailed as German Cinema’s bright new hope, Tom Tykwer quickly made a name for himself after his breakthrough film, the international success Run Lola Run. Tykwer enjoyed early comparisons to the late Polish auteur Krzysztof Kieslowski for his stylistic explorations of the effects of chance and choice on the human condition, but lately he hasn’t […] More

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    The 100 Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 (part 7)

    49- District 9 (2009) Directed by Neill Blomkamp Genre: Sci-fi District 9 is an allegory for our time, bursting with contemporary themes such as oppression, greed, power and propaganda and while the metaphor itself is pretty clear, Blomkamp goes for the visceral quality of the images and situations proving that sci-fi thrillers don’t have to […] More

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