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The end of ‘Earth 2’ at #32

Well, it’s finally come, the last issue of Earth 2. The reason Earth 2 and its weekly series Earth 2: World’s End gets reviewed every week is that despite all the bad worlds said about in the last six months, Earth 2 used to be one of the best books coming out of DC. In fact, it was one of the few books that made the New 52 somewhat justified in its existence. Instead of rehashing older stories or making embarrassing changes to characters older than the company that published them, Earth 2 did something different. It build a whole new world from the ground up, embracing its comic book roots by being a series about ordinary people swept up into the world of the impossible and altruism and hope overcome the darkest to times. It broke standards by bringing Lois Lane, who’d been killed off panel for little purpose, back from the dead as a superhero and making Val Zod a more true-to-nature version of Superman than Superman has been in years. It was helmed by the great James Robinson and continued by the excellent Tom Taylor. Yet that golden age has come to a close, for the past six months DC has done everything in its power to sabotage this series. It turned this book into little more than a tie-in to World’s End which itself is little more than a sloppy mess of a title, stumbling its way to the finish line. What little gems of aspiration could have been found were buried under editorial mandate and terrible management. While this series will live on after the upcoming Convergence event as Earth 2: Society, the damage has been done. There is little to no hope for this series to ever reclaim its greatness. Hence it is with a heavy heart that this is the last issue of Earth 2.

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‘Earth 2’ #30 continues its transformation into a tie-in

Earth 2 #30 Written by Marguerite Bennett & Mike Johnson Art by Andy Smith & Trevor Scott, Tyler Kirkham, Cliff Richards & Thony Silas Published by DC Comics At this point, reviewing what is in theory Earth 2 seems like a moot point. If the last two issues say anything, it’s that this series is …

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10 Best Comics of 2014

2014 was an incredibly rewarding year to be a comics reader. Veteran creators, like Grant Morrison, Kurt Busiek, and Matt Wagner continued to churn out some of the best work of their career while new creators, like Noelle Stevenson, Babs Tarr, and Tula Lotay had very strong starts. Marvel and DC published their fair share of events, including Original Sin, …

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‘Earth 2’ actually hits a dud with #29

‘Earth 2’ #29 Written by Marguerite Bennett & Mike Johnson Pencils by Andy Smith; Inks by Trevor Scott Published by DC Comics ‘Earth 2’ #29 marks the torch passing from series writer Tom Taylor to Marguerite Bennett and her fellow ‘Earth 2: World’s End’ writing team. Unfortunately, it’s off to a rough start as #29 …

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The Female Furies Steal the Spotlight in Earth 2 #28

Earth 2 #28 Written by Tom Taylor & Marguerite Bennett Art by Alisson Borges, Andy Smith, Trevor Scott, Javier Fernandez, Diogenes Neves, & Marc Deering Published by DC Comics This month’s issue of Earth 2 does something quite unexpected by focusing on the Furies of Apokolips. A major question that’s loomed over this series since …

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‘Earth 2’ #27 delivers a fantastic story of Huntress and Power Girl

With the launch of a weekly series, Earth 2 marches onward with Tom Taylor at the helm alongside Earth 2: World’s End co-writer, Marguerite Bennett. Sadly, this issue marks the departure of long term artist Nicola Scott, who is replaced by Andy Smith. His work is commendable, but isn’t quite able to leave the Nicola Scott shaped hole in the series.

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