Turhan Bey

‘Parole Inc.’ is free in the public domain, but should remain behind bars

Political films are a dime a dozen. They are made the world over and have for many, many years. More than anything else, what tends to shift is the general reception said films receive depending on which side they take and the era during which they are produced and released. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, at least in the United States, it was fashionable to produce movies that championed the lifestyle and political system guiding the country.

‘The Amazing Mr. X’ has a great story and some unexpectedly terrific special effects

The Amazing Mr. X is a potluck of genres and styles that come together under Bernard Vorhaus’ direction to produce a surprisingly entertaining experience. The film is more of a lark than a deadly serious drama but still has a beating heart to anchor the experience. For anyone who enjoys ghost tales, magic and noir, Vorhaus’s picture offers a uniquely interesting blend of all three.

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