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    Greatest TV Pilots: Batman Beyond

    It’s a delicate balancing act to create a pilot that both delves into a story as well as be as thoroughly entertaining as possible. It’s even harder to delve in to an established universe with brand new characters and stories while not altering the source material, and Batman Beyond did that in spades; establishing new and exciting characters within a world where many of largest stories have already happened, when also creating a one of the darkest, more adult themed kids cartoon shows ever produced. That darkness was ever present with the first episodes “Rebirth” and “Rebirth Part 2”. More

  • Bored to Death

    The Televerse #90- Bored to Death with Scott Meslow

    It’s finalepalooza this week on the podcast, with the network TV season coming to a close. First we take a look at the comedic finales, as well as the pilot for The Goodwin Games, then we move on to genre, talk Game of Thrones, a slue of finales, and Orphan Black, then continue with reality, […] More

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    Roundup of New CW Shows for Fall 2013-2014

    The CW announced its fall 2013-14 slate earlier today, adding five new dramas including a drama about Mary, Queen of Scots called Reign, as well as the highly anticipated Vampire Diaries spinoff titled The Originals, and The Tomorrow People, starring Robbie Amell, brother of Arrow’s Stephen Amell. The network has also released trailers which you […] More

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    Bruno Dumont and the Problem of Foreign Language TV

    Bruno Dumont is joining the ranks of acclaimed filmmakers trading in the big screen for the home screen.  Set to develop a police drama for French network ARTE, this will be his first foray into television. Dumont’s work, which includes L’humanité (1999) and Hors Satan (2011), has long been controversial and his filmmaking practises have […] More

  • Patrick McGoohan as The Prisoner

    The Televerse #89- The Prisoner with Zack Handlen

    The premieres and finales continue this week, giving us plenty of TV to discuss on the podcast. First we look at the comedies, then break down the genre offerings, then Kate looks at The Voice for our reality segment, and then we look at the prestige dramas before spotlighting the latest episode of Hannibal, “Sorbet”. […] More

  • Dollhouse cast photo

    The Televerse #87- Dollhouse with Kate Rennebohm

    This week on the podcast, we’re back to more balanced split of television, between comedy, genre, and drama. First we break down the week in comedy, focusing on Bob’s Burgers and Veep, then genre, focusing on Orphan Black and Doctor Who, then reality, and finally drama, particularly Mad Men and The Americans. Then we spotlight […] More

  • America according to its TV shows

    The United States of TV Infographic

    Back in 2011, the Economist published a map of the US matching each state with a national economy of similar size. It threw up some eyeopening similarities – Mississippi with Bangladesh, Texas with Russia, California with Italy – with the overall result of making the States seem like a much more familiar and approachable place. […] More

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    Suburgatory, Ep 2.20 “Go, Gamblers!”

    Suburgatory, Ep 2.20 “Go, Gamblers!” Written By Matt Ward Directed By: Alex Hardcastle Airs Wednesdays at 8:30pm ET on ABC With only a few episodes left in the sophomore season, Suburgatory just aired one of its most mature episodes and managed to both wrap up certainly story lines and set the stage for a great […] More

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    Suburgatory, Ep 2.19 “Decemberfold”

    Tonight’s episode of Suburgatory was one of the weirdest detours for the series, but none the less funny. It was fun seeing characters like Dalia and George have to deal with situations we’d never seen them in. The main plot of the episode centered around the “Dad’s of Chatswin” calendar shoot for the Mother’s Against the Defamation of Undiluted Apple Juice. Naturally, all of the dads become super competitive and begin angling for the coveted Decemberfold slot. More

  • Cast photo from Angel 100th episode party

    The Televerse #83- Angel with David Bax

    It’s another fantastic week of television, with the dramas in particular bringing their A game and giving us plenty to talk about on the podcast. First we break down the comedies, then the genre fare, then the reality, and finally the dramas. Then we head over to the DVD Shelf to welcome back David Bax […] More

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