‘Vampires’ sees Carpenter go for more action than scares…and a dense script

It appears, therefore, that 1998, when Vampires was released, was right around the time when John Carpenter’s limelight began to dim. It would be harsh to mindlessly lump Vampires in the same category as films such as Escape from L.A. and The Ward however. The reality is that the picture is a decent romp, one that juggles obligatory vampire movie tropes with a more modern twist or two and some action scenes befitting of a western, incidentally a genre Carpenter himself is on record for being quite fond of.

‘Dracula Untold’ seems destined to be unsold

Dracula Untold is one of those misfires that’s not even memorably or enjoyably poor, just a monotonous distraction for an admittedly brisk hour and a half. The revisionist Maleficient-like interpretation of Dr. Acula as a heroic figure just doesn’t work with material like this that’s so miserably solemn and lacking in any stirring entertainment value. Only in one brief part of the final act does the film gain some goofy spark, and it’s fittingly when the film actually embraces its horror roots as a fully vampire Vlad turns a bunch of his people and they all go sharp-toothed upon the Turk forces. Of course, that’s all for naught as Gary Shore’s feature debut goes back to neutering Dracula’s bite in making him the lone ‘good guy’ among his suddenly all evil people, and concluding with a likely far too optimistic franchise tease: ending a film with “Let the games begin” almost feels like mockery when there’s been so little incentive offered to come back and play.

Television that Home Video Forgot: Death Valley (2011)

In the spirit of Sound on Sight’s 31 Days of Horror, I decided to select some horror related forgotten television. Although not entirely a horror TV series, Death Valley surely has the gore factor of one and certainly the mythology of one.

‘Empire of the Dead’ proves Romero is still King of the Zombies

George Romero decided to make his latest zombie masterpiece a comic book with a planned 15 issues split into three acts,rather than a movie. Act 1 was recently released as a trade paperback. It’s hard to write an objective review of Empire Of The Dead. If you are over a certain age and love zombies than you know that George Romero almost singlehandedly defined the genre. In which case it becomes too easy too give him a pass on his more recent endeavors (Survival Of The Dead) because of his past work (Dawn Of The Dead). If you don’t care for zombies than you have no business reading Empire Of The Dead in the first place.

Buffy Pilot

Greatest TV Pilots – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When it comes to a modern evolution of vampires in popular culture, it all started with a blond girl arriving in a seemingly boring town, destined to fight the forces of evil while surviving the troubles of high school.
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer began as an usurpation of the classic tale of monsters chasing young blonde women – only this time, she chased them. However, the show’s success was never certain; the original 1992 film starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry was met with mixed reviews (but has since gained a cult following) and five years later, its scriptwriter Joss Whedon reviewed and revived Ms Summers back into the world of the undead.

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