‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #23 is a major status quo change for a fan-favorite character

Ever since since it’s introduction in 1984’s Secret Wars, the Venom symbiote and it’s offspring have been shrouded in mystery. Despite it’s popularity, the origin of the symbiote species has never been definitively explained. That all changes in Guardians of the Galaxy #23, when after causing it’s latest host, Flash Thompson to lose both control and consciousness, and attacking and possessing his new teammates, the Guardians of the Galaxy, it commandeers their ship and finally makes a sojourn to the fabled symbiote homeworld. But is it worth the 30 year wait?

Venom Makes Nineties Characters Work in the Best Way

Rick Remender’s Venom series stands as one of the most fascinating concepts for a superhero story. That is to say, if reading a book about a definitive 90’s Spider-Man villain dressed to look like a pre-order exclusive for the next Call of Duty sounds like a complete waste of time, good news because this book would agree. What makes Venom such a bizarre series is that while everything from its story to artwork tries to emulate a grim and gritty dark age feel, its central character and themes are in direct contradiction to that entire era of comics.

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