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    Joker #1 Casts Its Protagonist in Some Very New Roles

    Joker #1 (Batman 23.1) Written by Andy Kubert Art by Andy Clarke Colored by Blond. Cover by Jason Fabok and Nathan Fairbairn Published by DC Comics Joker #1 is part of DC’s New 52. This comic is another great idea from DC focusing stories on some of the most intriguing villains in comics history. And when […] More

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    For the Greater Good: Ozymandias

    It has been said before, and it will be said for decades to come, but if there is ever is a comic that someone needs to read, it has to be Watchmen. The characters and story interweave in this beautiful opera of personal struggle for redemption, freedom and peace. All of this culminates with the character of […] More

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    The Eight Best DC Villains Month Comics

    In a controversial move, DC decided to forego publishing its regular line of books and put out 52 one-shot stories featuring some of its best villains. The one-shots range from extremely popular (Joker, Lex Luthor, Brainiac) to the newer and more obscure (Relic, Shadow Thief). They feature some veteran creators and some who have barely […] More