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    Outstanding ‘Tangerines’ captures best, worst of humanity

    Tangerines is the type of slow-builder that completely sneaks up on you. It’s like wandering through the fog of a spell until the magician snaps you back to reality. Director Zaza Urushadze has created a powerful anti-war statement without even raising his voice. War may be hell, but these characters call it home. Tangerines is an Oscar-nominated gem that showcases humanity at its horrifying worst and inspirational best. More

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    The Female Furies Steal the Spotlight in Earth 2 #28

    Earth 2 #28 Written by Tom Taylor & Marguerite Bennett Art by Alisson Borges, Andy Smith, Trevor Scott, Javier Fernandez, Diogenes Neves, & Marc Deering Published by DC Comics This month’s issue of Earth 2 does something quite unexpected by focusing on the Furies of Apokolips. A major question that’s loomed over this series since […] More

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    ‘Fury’ takes us into the belly of the beast

    Fury Written & Directed by David Ayer USA, 2014   Brad Pitt’s new tank drama, Fury, is an unrelentingly grim affair that strives for greatness and occasionally reaches it.  What could have been reduced to ‘300 in a tank’ has been expanded to a gripping human drama that values the soul just as much as […] More

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    A haunting story awaits you inside ‘The Notebook’

    We’ve seen countless films depicting the monstrosity of World War II, but The Notebook gives us an unflinching look at the monsters it created. Both observant and nonjudgmental, director, János Szász, drops us into a war zone bereft of borders or buffers. Allegiances crumble and shift like the tattered landscape, where even familial ties yield to stark necessity. This is a challenging film that reaffirms the survival of the human spirit, not through acts of courage or bravery, but by harnessing our spitefulness and hatred to outlast the enemy. Whether the soul can endure such a coldhearted transformation is left for the audience to decide. More

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    Marker’s ‘Level Five’ challenges, provokes and inspires

    As visual animals, to a large extent, something doesn’t truly exist until we see it. What, then, do we make of memories, which may seem just as real as any image, but are subject to degradation and bias? They are the ethereal made real; flights of fancy, fact and practical necessity. Level Five, produced in 1997 and recently restored for a limited North American release, finds accomplished film essayist, Chris Marker, questioning the nature of memory in the new digital age. Though his big ideas and haunting visuals never quite coalesce, Marker still provides a fascinating peek into the darkest corners of humanity. More

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    Green Zone

    “an adequate addition to the Iraq War films sub-genre, but unfortunately not a particularly memorable one” Green Zone Directed by Paul Greengrass The combat film has a tradition in American cinema almost as storied as the Western. Like many genres of the time, the war film transformed in the 1970’s to compensate for the negative […] More

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    Sound On Sight Radio #151 – Kathryn Bigelow

    Hailed as one of the preeminent stylists of contemporary Hollywood filmmaking, Kathryn Bigelow was often too easily pigeonholed as a female director with a flair for traditionally masculine movies. After making an unusual entrance to cinema by way of the art world, Bigelow put her distinctive stamp on standard genre films like the Western-twinged vampire […] More

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    The Usual Suspect (Bryan Singer special)

    [powerpress] A Hollywood standby over the last decade and a half, Bryan Singer first came to the attention of most moviegoers with his third film, the labyrinthine crime thriller The Usual Suspects, in 1994. Since then, he’s tried on Stephen King, the X-Men and Superman, and now he’s decided to tackle one of history’s most […] More

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    Naked Lunch Radio #53 – Days of Thunder

    listen now! Download the show in a new window Spokespeople for the mentally disabled are up in arms over Ben Stiller’s star-studded new comedy, Tropic Thunder, in which Stiller plays an action star who makes an ill-advised attempt at Oscar gold by starring in Simple Jack, whose tagline reads: “Once upon a time…there was a […] More