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    The Definitive Movie Musicals: 10-1

    The end is here – if someone asked you what the most important movie musical of all time was, it would come from this portion of the list. Obviously, it’s all subjective, but it’s difficult to make a case against the influence of these films on our culture and the industry as a whole. So, […] More

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    L’Affiche – Saul Bass

    You’ve never met Saul Bass, but you know him. He is everywhere. He designed the logos of your favourite cereal (Quaker), the phone you use (At&T), the camera you have (Minolta), but most importantly the posters of the films you love. The Bass mid-century minimalist aesthetic is the face of timeless classics such as Vertigo, […] More

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    Poster Art Inspired by the films of Robert Wise

    Best known as the director of the musical smash hits West Side Story and The Sound of Music, in the 1960s, director Robert Wise had a long list of credits that included several genre films well.  Well fans of his work should enjoy the three new posters designed by the folks at Phantom City Creative. […] More

  • Saul Bass: Five from the 60s

    A galaxy of intricate geometric patterns floating hypnotically towards you; a grid of horizontal grey lines stabbing across the screen; the figure of Robert De Niro falling through a sheet of flames that segues neatly into a series of dazzling neon backdrops. The opening credits from Vertigo, Psycho and Casino all bear the distinctive hallmark […] More