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    Remember Me: Nora Ephron

    I have to admit – somewhat sheepishly considering the outpouring of commemoratives since Nora Ephron died of myelodysplasia on June 26 – that I was never particularly a fan of her work.  But as I’ve read those commemoratives, it’s come to me – another sheepish admission – how little I knew of her work. Perhaps […] More

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    VsOTD: Volkswagen’s “See Film Differently”

    Volkswagen has more on their mind then just automobiles. VW has been seen sponsoring various film festivals these days and have been really taken with the  industry.  The See Film Differently campaign has been reignited after a few cute print ads that surfaced last year. The new campaign is focused on locations rather than cars […] More

  • Top Ten Films that take place in New York

    10. I AM LEGEND (2007) A desolate New York shelters Robert Neville (Will Smith) as the last survivor after the destruction and spread of a man made virus that destroys humanity. The setup is pure sci-fi fare. Neville, immune to the virus, roams the land in search of survivors, but comes across mutants of the […] More