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    Why You Should Be Watching: Black-ish

    Dre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) is a successful guy. He has an intelligent wife, adorable twin kids, and two moody teenagers. They all live together in a big house, and they all seem to get along quite nicely, although they tend to get into tiffs and spats that can usually be resolved amicably after twenty minutes […] More

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    Why you should be watching: Attack on Titan

    Anime, like comic books and video games, has often found itself on the absolute fringe of nerd culture. When someone isn’t into anime, it’s almost impossible to get them to give it a try with an open mind–and that’s really too bad, because they’re depriving themselves of some really spectacular stuff like Attack on Titan. More

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    Why you should be watching: Transparent

    Intimacy is a difficult thing to film. Rather, it’s difficult to film well. You can capture two people clutched closely together, in a vulnerable moment, so that it feels as if the camera is encroaching on their privacy, an intruder. You can film in close-up, for a more practical intimacy, catching every hair and freckle. But to really feel like you’re getting a close understanding of the characters onscreen, there’s no list of actions one should take. Jill Soloway has figured it out. More

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    Why You Should Be Watching: Marry Me

    Sitcoms, like every other TV genre, start off with something Buzzy and Conceptual to grab audience attention, before jettisoning it, to some extent, to get down to the business of what the show is actually about. Which, more often than not in sitcom-land, is the dating misadventures of a group of friends in a large […] More

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    Why You Should Be Watching: Cristela

    As Parks and Recreation prepares to end, The Mindy Project continues to fall in the ratings, and pretty much every other new fall comedy has already been canceled, the network comedy landscape looks bleak past Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory. But hope may have arrived in the form of Cristela, a multicam sitcom airing on Friday nights […] More

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    Why You Should Be Watching: The Eric Andre Show

    It’s difficult to describe what the show is to people, because it’s definitely not as simple as describing as a faux talk show. Here’s the premise as simply as can be put: Eric Andre plays himself as an incredibly inept public access talk show host. It doesn’t stop there though, as the guests he has on aren’t always the actual person. For example, Russell Brand is a homeless old black man, and a young black man shows up in a blonde wig as Reese Witherspoon. Celebrity impersonators of George Clooney and Jack Nicholson will appear as their doppelgangers and participate in low-rent late-night games like “The Coffee Challenge” and “What If It Was Purple?”. Joining as his co-host is comedian Hannibal Buress, and he’s a perfect laid-back foil to the insanity of Andre. He spends most of each episode berating Andre, then eerily standing behind the guests while they are being interviewed, interjecting with thoughts that range from deep to pot-induced. Just as Andre spends the opening credits tearing down his own talk show set then replacing it, he’s also dismantling every notion of the talk show and repurposing it to his zany means. More

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    Why You Should Be Watching: Benched

    Eliza Coupe has an uncannily innate ability to seem like the most composed and least poised person at the same time on screen. It is a trait that Happy Endings used well, even if it didn’t fully embrace it until the final season, with the delve into Jane’s increasingly slapstick Car Czar. When dealing with the messiness of Brad or Alex’s tomfoolery, Coupe’s Jane Kerkovich-Williams was the only one keeping everything together, yet when she was unable to live up to her own standards of perfection she fell apart before you could squeak out a trademark Kerkovich “What?” More

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    Why You Should Be Watching: Last Week Tonight

    People looking for a satirized view of news and media haven’t had to look far as of late. Between the long running twin titans of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from Comedy Central, the market has pretty much saturated itself as far as that daily news satire is concerned. More

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    Why You Should Be Watching: Suits

    Picture the scene in Ocean’s Eleven where Brad Pitt’s Rusty leans confidently on the side of his car, dressed in an impeccable suit, eating junk food and looking great while doing it, because he’s confident that he will always look good no matter what garbage he puts into his body. This image is mirrored by […] More

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    Why You Should Be Watching: Rectify

    There are plenty of television shows in 2014 with the ability to amaze an audience, surprising them with bold stories, impressing them with elaborate visuals, or engaging them by drawing parallels to our own world and lives. Many of these shows rank among the best on television, regularly analyzed by critics for their ability to blend cinematic elements, symbolic metaphors, and poignant dissections of life, that blend of intelligent and entertaining that’s hard to find at the box office in this day and age of loud tent poles and cliche, overwrought ‘indie’ films.

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    Why You Should Be Watching: Mom

    Although it’s easy to think of comedies and dramas as separate entities, the best series are often able to execute both styles of storytelling in establishing their identities. Mom is one of those series, and to call it a sitcom is almost misleading. More

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