Wide World of Horror

Wide World of Horror: ‘Come Out and Play’ – a remake that is far too clean

The remake debate rages on in the world of film to this very day. Although at this point it’s not much of a debate, the majority of film lovers have had enough of remakes. While that is a respectable position, it’s not an argument that holds up to any intense scrutiny. The landscape of film has always been built upon unoriginal projects.

Wide World of Horror: ‘Shadow’ – a joyless, almost sleep inducing experience.

When a film ends and the audience walks out the doors of a movie theater, shuts off their TVs, or switches the channel, there’s a certain reaction that is expected. That reaction can be excitement, anger, derision, joy, and so forth and so on. The gist is that a movie should engender some sort of reaction from the audience. Shadow is the type of film that fails to elicit any type of reaction from the audience. It’s so poorly made that being derisive towards the film serves no point.

Wide World of Horror: ‘Penumbra’

Is it possible t become invested in a character that is so easy to loathe? That is the question put forth by Penumbra, and it is the question that will probably determine whether or not most viewers will enjoy the film. It’s not necessary to like the protagonist of a film, but to become invested in a horror heroine is almost a prerequisite of the genre. They scream, they run, they fear for their lives and the viewer cheers for them.

the unseeable 3

Wide World of Horror: ‘Pen choo kab pee (The Unseeable’)

Motion is important in a horror movie. There doesn’t need to be action, or dramatic events, or even scares. But, there’s needs to be motion of some sort. That can mean anything from an encroaching atmosphere to a killer chasing down teens with a machete.

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