Wii U

‘Splatoon’ is getting ready to mess up your Wii U

The shooter genre has placed the player in a variety of different combat scenarios over the years, with settings ranging from military to space military, so when something different appears, it tends to get noticed, especially when the game is produced by a developer not exactly known for its running-and-gunning. But that’s exactly what Nintendo’s new ink-covered online multiplayer IP Splatoon is all about, albeit with a twist.

Why the Hostility When Next to Nothing is Known about Nintendo’s “NX?”

During the Nintendo press conference in which president Satoru Iwata revealed Nintendo would be teaming up with DeNA, a Japanese mobile gaming company, to produce mobile content featuring Nintendo’s characters as well as develop a new, multi-platform membership service to replace the currently presiding Club Nintendo, Iwata hinted at the Big N’s next console.

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