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    We Will Leave Someday: Jia Zhang-ke’s Westward, or Eastward Departure

    The entwined subjects of time passing and landscapes changing have always been synonymous with the work of Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke; his latest feature, Mountains May Depart, expands these ideas to a point that exists beyond any previously established horizon. The film may well be Jia’s most ambitious to date, in this respect: it spans three decades […] More

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    Watch a beautiful tribute to Xavier Dolan’s ‘Laurence Anyways’

    Fandor is kicking off their Trans Spotlight with a video montage of Xavier Dolan’s stunning 2012 film, Laurence Anyways. Titled Love Bursts, this excellent video tribute by Kevin B. Lee highlights the gorgeous cinematography and set design found in what is without a doubt, the young filmmaker’s best looking film. Watch the video below, and […] More

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    RVCQ 2015: ‘Miraculum’ feels like a failed pilot

    Miraculum Written by Gabriel Sabourin Directed by Daniel Grou Canada, 2014 Daniel Grou (affectionately known as Podz by the Quebec public) got his start in television, directing a number of very successful shows for Radio-Canada, the national channel. In 2010 he made his cinematic debut with two films and has since been working exclusively for […] More

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    Music in the Movies 2014

      Burning Down the House –Talking Heads, Nymphomaniac It makes sense that an auteur as provocative and anarchic as Lars von Trier would use something as lyrically anarchic as the Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House”, a track whose title is taken relatively literally as we watch Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) burn the car of her […] More

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    Obsessed with Pop Culture: Best of the Week

      Childhood Memories: ‘Sneak Previews’ When renowned film critic, Roger Ebert, died last year, there was a huge outpouring of appreciation from film lovers around the world.  He was an ambassador for cinema who introduced audiences to countless films they might have otherwise missed.  Ebert and his long-time partner, Gene Siskel, started reviewing movies on […] More

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    ‘Mommy’ is a thrilling, absolutely breathtaking piece of cinema

    Montreal actor, writer and director Xavier Dolan’s fifth film Mommy is without a doubt one of the best of the year. Although thematically similar to his 2009 debut J’ai tué ma mère (I Killed My Mother), which won three separate awards at Cannes that year, Mommy follows the mother’s perspective of the relationship instead of that of the son’s. It is interesting, despite their many parallels, how very different the two films actually are. With Mommy, Dolan not only seems more assured of himself as a filmmaker but appears to have developed into quite an auteur as well. Creating a film so close in theme to his first can be seen as somewhat of a gamble, for many individuals might fear the film to be repetitious, a carbon copy, yet here is where Dolan demonstrates his disturbingly instinctual talent. Because he revisits the mother-son leitmotif in his works, he is strengthening both his storytelling as well as his understanding of the unique relationship. In the five years since his introductory film, he has grown from adolescent to adult, resulting in a shift from youthful intuition to a certain maturity on the subject. The result is downright brilliant. More

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    Trailer: ‘Elephant Song’, starring Xavier Dolan in a villainous turn

    Xavier Dolan first attracted international attention when his first film I Killed My Mother (J’ai tué ma mère) won three awards at the Director’s Fortnight program of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. His following three pics have also been highly rated by industry professionals, earning acclaim at prestigious international festivals around the world. Now the Quebec […] More

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    TIFF: ‘Mommy’ leads lineup of Canadian films

      The Toronto International Film Festival may just be getting too big with the absurd number of films it has each year, but it still makes room for some hometown heroes. TIFF has just announced its lineup of Canadian Films that will screen at this year’s festival. Leading the group is first time filmmaker Xavier […] More

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