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    When Critics Hurt Instead of Help

    Over the course of reviewing hundreds of movies a year, a critic over-hypes at least one movie; it happens more times than one would like, but it happens. The main culprit is often red-carpet festival premieres that lead to a dizzying high that positively impacts a film’s reception. A plethora of four star reviews that […] More

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    What Role Does Film Have in the Telling of History? A Look at Denis Villeneuve’s Polytechnique (2009)

    What value does fiction have in the interpretation of a historical event? This question can become central to the reception and understanding of historical films and has taken on important resonance in past years in regards to films like Ben Affleck’s Argo or Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty. These films are not documentaries; however they […] More

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    Mondo’s 2013 Oscar Posters for ‘Django Unchained’, ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’, ‘Argo’ and more.

    Last week, we showcased a few posters for Academy Award nominees Les Miserables, Paranorman and The Master, created by Mondo. The boutique released the rest of the 2013 Oscar collection this past Sunday, during the Academy Awards event. Unfortunately, they all instantly sold out before the night was over. You can find the  information for […] More

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    ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ – the most boring manhunt in history

    Zero Dark Thirty Directed by Kathryn Bigelow Written by Mark Boal USA, 2012 This years’ Academy Awards are surprisingly history-heavy. Lincoln and Argo are both period pieces telling true stories of widely-recognised and declassified events respectively; whilst Django Unchained is a very Tarantino take on Southern slavery-era America. Zero Dark Thirty is the most historically […] More

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    Absolutely Gorgeous Oscar-Inspired Poster Series

    The Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts along with Gallery1988, have gathered an extremely talented group of artists to create original screen prints inspired by this year’s nine Best Picture nominees. My two personal favourites are those for Beasts of the Southern Wild and Les Miserables. Let us know which you prefer. Amour by Matt Owen Argo […] More

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    This past week: Best articles from Sound On Sight

    There is so much great content published every week here at Sound On Sight, that even we have trouble keeping up. So, every Sunday, we will drop a list of the best articles delivered by our hard working, and extremely talented staff. **** House of Cards, 1.1-1.6: Charismatic leads, style make up for familiar story […] More

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    2013, Best Movie Moments of January

    (In no particular order) 1: Zero Dark Thirty – The Opening Shot Zero Dark Thirty opens in darkness, with a montage of 911 calls from the victims in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks: A title fades in announcing the movie is “based on first-hand accounts of actual events.” From there the film cuts to […] More

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    2013, Best Movies of January: ‘West Of Memphis’ leads the pack

    #1: West of Memphis Directed by Amy Berg Written by Billy McMillin and Amy Berg 2012, USA Following from the original Paradise Lost film and its two sequels, West of Memphis follows the events of one of the most media-covered American crime stories of the last two decades: The West Memphis Three, a case in which three teenagers (Jessie […] More

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    BAFTAs 2013: Who is going to win? – part 2

    Now that we are nearing the big awards of the season, it is time to revisit the nominations and predictions for the 2013 BAFTAs.  Part 2 will cover the following categories: (see part one here) Best Film Best British Film Leading Actor Leading Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Best Director The EE BAFTA […] More

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    Dean Walton’s Oscar Nominated 2013 Poster Series

    Dean Walton is one of the most unique and talented artists, designing fan-made-movie posters. Recently he created a set of five posters for movies nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards. If you would like to purchase a print, simply head over to his site.    More

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    ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ / ‘The Imposter’

    Kathryn Bigelow’s simultaneously acclaimed and condemned Zero Dark Thirty finally found it way to general release this past Friday. bringing with it the still-raging debate over its depiction of “enhanced interrogation.” Ricky D, Julian and Simon tackle the movie and the debate with an extended review. As a bonus, we throw in the long-lost review of The Imposter that […] More

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    Almost Arthouse #11: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

    In this week’s episode of Almost Arthouse, Ty and Tom welcome Sound on Sight regular Edgar Chaput to the show to discuss the latest collaboration between Kathryn Bigelow and Marc Boal –  the controversial and critical hit Zero Dark Thirty.  [powerpress] Follow Almost Arthouse on Twitter Subscribe via iTunes More

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