Tarsem’s ‘Self/less’ starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds gets a trailer


Tarsem Singh has always been one for visually dazzling films. His latest output, from Immortals and Mirror Mirror, have been messy disappointments compared to the whimsical charms of the underrated gem The Fall. His latest however places him firmly in thriller territory rather than fantasy spectacle. Self/less stars Ben Kingsley as a wealthy, powerful, successful man who wishes to transfer his mind into a younger body, played by Ryan Reynolds. But the doctor responsible for this procedure (Matthew Goode) is hiding a sinister secret as to the origins of Reynolds’s past life and to the procedure’s side effects.

Granted, the last time Ryan Reynolds starred in a body switch movie it was called The Change-Up. This thankfully looks nothing like that. Self/less is released July 31 and also stars Michelle Dockery, Natalie Martinez, Victor Garber, and Derek Luke. Watch the trailer below:

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