Teaser Trailer: Bela Tarr’s “The Turin Horse”

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According to Bela Tarr, The Turin Horse is to be his last film and because of that, it is my most anticipated film of 2011. The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this week, and a small mysterious (strange) trailer was released online.

The film is said to take inspiration from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who collapsed after attempting to save a horse from being cruelly beaten with a whip in the street. It tells the other side of the tale of the actual horse and his life with a farmer and daughter.

The film runs about two and half hours (which is actually quite short for the director), and was photographed by  cinematographer Fred Keleman (The Man From London), scored by Mihály Víg and co-written by longtime Tarr collaborator László Krasznahorkai.

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