The Art of The Cannes Poster

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Beyond the films and pageantry of the Cannes Film Festival is an annual nugget of beauty found in the posters for the festival. Many of the best posters focus on a feminine elegance, this is found particularly in this years poster, featuring the stunning Faye Dunaway spotlighted and framed by the sharply designed 64.Some posters are odd, some vague, and some have a simplistic flare that allows them to stand out.

However, not all of the posters are beyond being sloppy, lazily conceived, or plain ugly. But, even some of these lesser posters have a distinct charm to them that work almost as time capsules, capturing some of the artistic sensibilities of its period. I find this to be especially true with the 1973 poster, with its rounded corners, grainy shot of the waves, and text that is all over the place, it screams with a 70’s blase.

So enjoy some of my favorite posters of the festival, and let us know what are some of your favorites. A full index of them can be found here.

– James Merolla

So bad it's good?

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  1. Ricky says

    The 49 poster is incredible

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