The Brief Macabre – A website showcasing the best horror short films


Horror short films are a vital, if undervalued, part of the horror cinema landscape.

No one would think about discussing horror literature without including horror short stories in the conversation but horror short films are rarely brought up as an integral part of horror cinema.

This is due in no small part to the fact that there is little commercial application for a horror short outside inclusion in a horror anthology film.

After doing extensive research for a trio of articles collecting great horror short films for PopOptiq/Sound on Sight, I decided to create my own site dedicated to showcasing the best in live-action horror short films available online.

While some readers may disagree with my exclusion of horror-comedy and animated horror shorts on The Brief Macabre, I strongly feel that live-action horror with a serious tone, horror-comedy and animated horror are three distinctly different viewing experiences.

While very well served in great genre film festivals and stand-alone events in many countries, the horror short film is not properly represented online in terms of a one-stop, curated, ever-growing collection of truly outstanding work in the field.

The Brief Macabre is not a video channel a viewer has to search through to find the gems.

Each horror short on the site is carefully selected. If a horror short film is on The Brief Macabre, a reader can have complete confidence it is a must-see.

-Terek Puckett

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