‘The Day Hollywood Died’ Poster & Plot Synopsis

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To be honest, I don’t know much about the new feature from Rising Pictures titled The Day Hollywood Died, but it has piqued my interest. Accompanied with an emphatic score from composer Henrique Dib and a thrilling title sequence open, it really makes a great first impression. The film tells the story of one man reliving unreliable memories of a heist to try and uncover who he is, and was penned by K.G. Donovan and directed by debutant Ronnie S. Riskalla.

Here is a bit of information I received from a press release. Hopefully a trailer will be released soon.

“The film is ambitious in both plot and scope, featuring a rumbling score usually reserved for major Hollywood blockbusters and packed full of action, comedy, drama and thrills. Eschewing the stigma that is usually associated with Australian cinema, the high concept narrative blends thrilling conflict with irresistible dialogue and this together with twists that keep you on edge offers the stellar cast a platform to truly show their talent. Featuring the incredible voice of Robin Queree as the narrator through whom the film is seen and an ensemble cast led by young stars Drew Pearson and Tommy Bradson, the film is sure to motivate cinemagoers to question the reliability of memory and the power of the imagination. The film is sure to set the festival circuit alight with anticipation of a truly original hit and is due for release soon.”

For more information check out the film’s multiple websites below:



Official Plot Synopsis:

What would you do if your one hope for survival was to remember who you were?

He just woke up. He’s in a hospital and can’t move. Worst of all, he can’t remember who he is. Memories flood back to him as he regains consciousness. He was part of a heist gone wrong. One of a crew of six contracted to steal a briefcase from a secret vault. His only respite will be if he can combat the drugs and the pain and the solitude in a desperate effort to remember what happened to him and why.

But sometimes memories – and your identity – are best left forgotten.

  1. James007 says

    This is a terrible movie with bad acting. The fans of this are pretty much all friends and family. I would rather poke my eye out with a fork than see it again.

  2. Filmmaker says

    This is a horrendous example of an Australian “Indie” film. Executed poorly, bad dialogue and even worse acting. Although I commend anyone who can complete a film, this will not and should not get distribution.

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