The first trailer for Takashi Miike’s ‘Terra Formars’ has been released

Takashi Miike

Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike has quickly become one of the more recognised names among genre fans around the world, with films such as Audition, Ichi the Killer, and Sukiyaki Western Django only some of the features he’s known for in his extensive filmography. While his last feature, Yakuza Apocalypse, made its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Miike is already in the midst of production on his next film.

Titled Terra Formars, Miike takes solely on directing duties this time around, working from a screenplay by Kazuki Nakashima. The film itself is an adaptation of a manga by Ken’ichi Tachibana and Yû Sasuga, and stars Pacific Rim‘s Rinko Kikuchi and Arrow‘s Rila Fukushima alongside 13 Assassins‘ Takayuki Yamada and Emi Takei. While festival premiere dates or theatrical release dates have yet to be announced, the first trailer for the film has already been released. The trailer can be seen below.

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