‘The Lords of Salem’ and ‘The Devil Rides Out’ – Sordid Cinema Podcast #57

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If you’ve felt a distinct lack of menace in your filmgoing lately, perhaps you should make some time for the lastest opus from divisive writer-director Rob Zombie, whose Lords of Salem looks to unite arthouse dweebs and horror mavens in glorious, disgusting matrimony. As long as we’re on the occult tip, we take a sojourn back to 1968 to take a look at the Hammer maybe-classic The Devil Rides Out. Edgar Chaput sits this one out, but Ricky and Simon are very excited to welcome back Slant Magazine / Time Out NY / Village Voice contributor Nick Schager.




John 5 – “Lords of Salem Theme Music ”

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  1. Slippery Jack says

    You mentioned the shoddy effects in The Devil Rides Out. In the UK last year, it was controversially released on Blu Ray with ‘enhanced’ effects, much to the outrage of Hammer Purists! The fact that there was no option to view the original version in HD made it worse. So we have a version with cleaned up spider effects, a blinding beam of light as the Angel of Death appears, digitally inserted lightening bolts etc…

    1. Ricky says

      Sounds terrible. I wasn’t really complaining about the effects so much as saying it didn’t have a big budet , and by today’s standards, younger viewers may be turned off.

  2. Corrado says

    I thought The Aggression Scale was pretty horrible, wouldn’t rush to see it if I were you.

  3. Márcio says

    I saw your list at the time and I liked it. I dind’t knew about Doomsday Book and I watched it because of you, it’s a cool movie thanks for that.

    Except for very rare cases I outright dislike horror comedies, that’s the main reason I wasn’t a big fan of Cabin in the Woods and didn’t check out some of the movies in your list.

    But there were a few I saw that I liked that weren’t on your list. I’ll mention them just in case you don’t know of them and maybe want to check them out.

    Mientras Duermes – A slow burn portrait of a psychopath from Jaume Balagueró, one of the good european horror directors. My favorite of his since Los Sin Nombre.

    Livide – from the same guys that did Inside. The plot is kinda weak but the visuals are awesome, one of the best looking horror movies of the last year for sure.

    The Aggression Scale – a very twisted take on the Macaulay Culkin’s classic Home Alone. What if the kid had just returned home from a mental institution?

    The Pact – a simple “ghost” story with a twist. It’s main strengths are its charismatic lead and solid execution.

    American Mary – its a flawed movie, mainly in the final act, but it has some solid visuals a some legit disturbing moments.

    I also loved Beyond the Black Rainbow, but I think I find out about it here. It wasn’t on your list so maybe you didn’t like it or considered it a 2011 movie.

    1. Ricky says

      Los Sin Nombre is a great movie!

      I really didn’t like Livide. Yes it looks great but the script was terrible.

      I’ve heard of The Aggression Scale, but I haven’t seen it yet.

      I watched The Pact in 2011.

      I was extremely disappointed with American Mary.

      Beyond the Black Rainbow made my best of the year list, back in 2011. We reviewed it on the podcast along with some other Canadian genre stuff.

  4. Márcio says

    Cool show guys. I liked The Lords of Salem as well but I felt the movie fell apart in the third act. The ending was way too generic and something of a cop out. I still believe Rom Zombie has a great movie in him, and I agree that The Devil’s Rejects its when he came closer to achieve it, but he’s not there yet, maybe next time.

    I also disagree that horror movies are not what they used to be, big studio horror yes, but everything else is doing fine. As a huge fan of the genre every year I’m able to find some good movies that keep me satisfied and coming back for more.

    I think you guys were unfairly dismissive of the new wave of french horror, but then again I’m a big fan of Martyrs, a movie that can piss so many people off must me doing something right.

    1. Ricky says

      The first time I watched it, I also said it fell apart in the third act. My opinion changed with a second viewing.
      I hope Zombie keeps making better films with time.

      Last year I posted a list of the best horror films and I had a hard time thinking of ten solid and true horror films. You can find it here.


      I think the French new wave of horror is over-rated, but I do enjoy it. Simon outright hates it.

      Thanks for listening.

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