The Mid-Season Replacements Episode 22: This Situation’s Kinda Funny

On this week’s episode of The Mid-Season Replacements, PopOptiq and TVOvermind writers Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti have a long, sprawling discussion about ABC’s two Asian-American family comedies, Fresh Off the Boat and Dr. Ken. There’s plenty to talk about, be it the show’s individual attempts to build character out of humor, the setting they set their shows in, and of course, the roles both shows play in redefining (or uncomfortably embracing) racial stereotypes on network television. Then the two marvel at the wonder that is Stephen Curry in a Five Minutes of NBA talk that is definitely not five minutes long, before discussing their biggest surprises of the new season – which somehow segues into Randy’s very brief, vulgar review of 2 Broke Girls‘ fifth season premiere. Thanks for listening!


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