The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast Episode 1 – Kick-Ass Bowl Cuts

midseason ep1 img

In the inaugural episode of The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast, co-hosts Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti sit down to talk about all things on and off the loud, glowing box in our living room. After a brief introduction, they dive right into pilot season, revealing their best and worst picks of the new season so far (digging at the heart of what is wrong with pilots in general these days), and debate over whether Stalker is a good pilot for an awful show, or just a terrible pilot of a terrible new Kevin Willamson monstrosity.  Then, they’ll gab about some of our favorite returning shows, including Key and Peele, Arrow, or The Legend of Korra. But that’s not all; they’ll also talk about the “Social Generation” like a couple of old geezers, and teach you how to turn The Mysteries of Laura into a drinking game – in other words, it’s a pretty great (and occasionally vulgar) first episode of the newest addition to the Sound on Sight podcast family.



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