VIdeo Of The Day: The Muppets AMC Theatres Policy – Don’t Talk, Don’t Text

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I can’t begin to express how much I hate going to the theatres nowadays. When not attending press screenings, I usually go early in the day when there is as little of an audience as possible. Thus the reason why I attend as many movies as possible at film festivals where this isn’t a problem since you are surrounded by real cinephiles.

Theatre etiquette is completely out of control, so much so that even The Muppets get their own PSA spot, urging people not to talk nor text during the movie. Check it out.

Via /film

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  1. Tammi L Coles says

    I’m with you — drives me nuts that people can’t let go of their other lives for even the course of a movie screening. Texting is the worse. It’s not just the light shining in the dark, it’s the “silent” vibrating mode that isn’t at all silent. Urgh.

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