The new trailer for Ash vs. Evil Dead will give you an idea of just how over-the-top this show is



Who isn’t excited for Ash vs. Evil Dead? We get to see the return of Bruce Campbell in his most famous role not to mention the outrageous special effects and downright twisted gags the film series is known for. Starz has already released a couple of great trailers for the new series and as we get closer to the premiere date, the network isn’t slowing down. Starz is banking on Evil Dead fans to tune in, but they’re also hoping to find a whole new fan base and perhaps that’s why they’ve just released a brand new trailer delivering an idea of just how over-the-top Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to be. Everything put on display so far seems to be hitting all the right buttons, and of all the new shows premiering this fall, this one’s most certainly at the top of the anticipation pile. Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres October 31, 2015. Watch the new trailer below. Enjoy

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