The News Reel #35: Best Movies of 2015

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On the last episode of the year, Zach and Brian take a look back at the films of 2015 and rank their top 10 best movies of the year including Spotlight, Mad Max: Fury Road, Slow West, Carol, Anomalisa, and Ex Machina. The pair also talk about the most impressive performances of the year and what films left them disappointed with the final product.

Reminder: The episode is available above as a download from SoundCloud

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  1. David says

    I had been subscribed to the sordid cinema podcast and not realised there was a news reel podcast covering films. Is the sordid cinema podcast finished as there hasn’t been an update since December 7th Arrow and Flash episode. I subscribed to news reel but on the website you are up to episode 35 and on itunes it is only up to 32. Really enjoy your podcasts, you do a great job.

    1. Patrick Murphy says

      Hey David, thanks for listening! I’ll leave it for Brian or Zach to fill you in on the News Reel, but as for Sordid Cinema, we’re taking a break from the show for now. It may come back (though probably under a different name), but I don’t have any concrete news on that yet. We really do want to keep doing a movie podcast, but with the recent changes we’ll have to see if it can still work for everyone. Thanks again!

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