The Originals, Ep. 2.13, “The Devil is Damned” teases Hope’s supernatural abilities

The Originals, The Devil is Damned

The Originals, The Devil is Damned

The Originals, Season 2, Episode 13, “The Devil is Damned”
Written by Christopher Hollier and Julie Plec
Directed by Lance Anderson
Airs Mondays at 8pm (ET) on The CW

On this week’s The Originals, Freya reunites with Finn, Klaus and Kol make amends, Hope displays some impressive new abilities, and Hayley and Jackson fight to protect their werewolves from Marcel’s starving vampires.

Whenever The Originals focuses heavily on the show’s titular characters and their relationships to one another, the result is usually an excellent episode. “The Devil is Damned” really delves into the relationship between Klaus and Kol, and, unsurprisingly, the episode is stunning and emotional.

Daniel Sharman, undeniably one of season two’s best additions, easily steals the episode. Kol’s struggle to reconcile the part of himself that fears Klaus with the part that loves his brother is a very human and sympathetic plight; Sharman makes Kol–a semi-villanous character–into someone worth rooting for, especially when Kol is fighting so hard for both approval and acceptance. Sharman and Joseph Morgan play off one another brilliantly, and the scene where Klaus finally breaks through his anger to forgive Kol is hands-down the best moment of the episode. Plus, it’s a hint that Klaus is capable of some growth (unlike last week’s anger-fueled battle, which showed Klaus regressing heavily), at least where family is concerned.

Meanwhile, Elijah’s recent, blood-tinged lapses in sanity reach a peak as he appears to fight against devouring his own niece. If this is as dark as his struggles get, then it’ll undoubtedly be enough, and this moment is incredibly dark. Unfortunately, the show loves intercutting images of Elijah with shots of the red door that haunts him–at best, these red door shots are redundant, and, at worst, their presence is insulting. Daniel Gillies is a talented enough actor that watching him express Elijah’s agony is more than enough, and it’s also more emotionally engaging to see the always-poised Elijah coming undone. Repeated shots of the red door he fears are simply unnecessary; the audience is capable of understanding what he’s going through, or why he’s going through it, without the constant reminder. However, his fight with Finn is still really well-done, especially because Finn understands how meticulously Elijah cares for his appearance and who he is as a person; his taunting is well-played and spot on. (One last thing: what’s the point of being immortal with inhuman strength if magic beats you almost 100% of the time? The magic on The Originals has always followed strange and illogical rules, but sometimes it seems downright godlike.)

Despite threats from nearly half of her family looming over her, Hope seems precociously apable of handling herself. Is it any surprise that a baby with Mikaelson blood (and Hayley’s werewolf blood) running through her is a little abnormal? Absolutely not, but it is a fun new surprise, as well as something her enemies will not be expecting. And, this new reveal is turning baby Hope into one of the show’s most intriguing characters. What else can she do?

“The Devil is Damned” proves how much better The Originals is when multiple Mikaelson’s are running around and involving themselves in the action. Klaus says in the hour, “family is power,” but it’s also the fuel for emotionally engaging and thrilling episodes of the show. And, while it’ll be a shame if Finn’s been dispatched already (especially given how clever and resourceful a villain he’s turned out to be), the additions of Freya, and presumably Dahlia, will keep season two’s momentum flowing nicely.


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