‘The Spectacular Now’, James Ponsoldt’s Sundance hit, releases its first trailer

The Spectacular Now

Filmmaker James Ponsoldt’s second full-length feature Smashed turned the heads of many film fans as it made its way around the festival circuit in 2012. It was at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, however, that Ponsoldt really made waves, with his new feature garnering a lot of acclaim prior to getting picked up. Titled The Spectacular Now, the film is adapted from the Tim Tharp novel, and sees Ponsoldt hand over writing duties to 500 Days of Summer scribes Michael H. Weber and Scott Neustadter. The film stars Rabbit Hole‘s Miles Teller and The Descendants‘ Shailene Woodley alongside Brie Larson, Kaitlyn Dever, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kyle Chandler, Bob Odenkirk, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Andre Royo, and the first trailer has now been released, which can be seen below.

(Source: First Showing)

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