The ‘Tabloid’ Trailer Is One Of The Best This Year

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The Errol Morris documentary Tabloid has revived a great trailer. The film premiered at Telluride and TIFF last year but is only getting released in July. The trailer is incredibly entertaining for that of a documentary, and considering Morris is the best documentary filmmaker around, this film now enters my must-see list. Here is the official plot synopsis:

Thirty years before the antics of Lindsay, Paris and Britney, Joyce McKinney made her mark as a peerless tabloid queen. In Tabloid, Academy Award(R)-winning filmmaker Errol Morris (The Fog Of War) follows the salacious adventures of this beauty queen with an IQ of 168, whose single-minded devotion to the man of her dreams leads her on a labyrinthine crusade for love. Down a surreal rabbit hole of kidnapping, masochistic Mormons, risque photography, magic underwear, celestial sex, jail time and a cloning laboratory in South Korea, Joyce’s fantastic exploits were constant headlines.

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