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The Televerse #103- Get Smart with Josh Long

It’s a lighter week of TV this time on the podcast, particularly for the comedies. After looking at them, we talk at some reality, including a preview of PBS’s All Star Orchestra and a look at the Make Kate Watch Stuff winner, the Face Off premiere, before diving into several interesting dramas, including the True Blood finale and, of course, Breaking Bad. Then Josh Long from More Than One Lesson heads over to the DVD Shelf to help us discuss the classic and utterly delightful ‘60s comedy, Get Smart.

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DVD Shelf: Get Smart with Josh Long (1:12:21)

Our Week in Comedy
Wilfred (10:50)
Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV:: (14:02)

Our Week in Reality
All-Star Orchestra preview (19:53)
Make Kate Watch: Face/Off premiere (23:00)
The Writers’ Room (24:51)
SYTYCD (25:37)

Our Week in Drama
Nine for IX: “Runner” (32:35)
Strike Back: Shadow Warfare (33:15)
True Blood finale (34:35)
The Bridge (43:54)
Broadchurch (49:36)
The Newsroom (53:54)
Breaking Bad (1:00:24)

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  1. Spiral says

    As someone who watched Get Smart as a little kid, I would say that the closest to that type of humor these days is in the Hulu original series Quick Draw.

    The first episode was not very good but if you stick with it, by episode 3 it improves and episode 4 was very funny, in the tradition of that flavor of humor.

  2. Ricky says

    What is Kate wrong about. Every time Kate speaks about Skyler, she is completely in the wrong. OMG … add that to the list.

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