The Televerse #11- Firefly with Justine Smith

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This week, on The Televerse, Kate tackles a few procedurals, Simon catches up on some fairy tales, and Sound on Sight’s own Justine Smith comes on to talk Firefly and further prove that, despite his best efforts, Simon is now a Whedonite. This week, we cover NCIS, Bones, Supernatural, Amazing Race, Top Chef: Texas, Community, Parks and Rec, It’s Always Sunny…, Beavis and Butthead, Prime Suspect, Grimm, The Good Wife, and HIMYM. Then we spotlight this week’s Fringe episode, “Those We Left Behind” as well as this week’s Homeland, “The Weekend,” before diving in with Justine at the DVD Shelf and embracing our inner Browncoats.

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  1. Kate Kulzick says

    lol- Thanks, Duke. It’s definitely an interesting read.

  2. Duke. says

    This is something you probably don’t deserve, but is happening to you anyway:

  3. Ricky says

    Regarding Homeland:

    Brody slipped the razor. He makes it very clear in the last episode that he befriended the men who held him as a POW .
    Why would he? Maybe he was turned too?

  4. Keith Viverette says

    You guys happy? I think I heard Prime Suspect had gotten more scripts.

  5. Ken from Chicago says

    Wait a second, Kate, so PRIME SUSPECT’s lead female cop is NOT “outta control” when a child is a victim Jane is a professional, and because this is, sadly, not her first time dealing with a child victim? But haven’t we learned from the UNFORGETTABLE promo from a few weeks ago that is exactly how long-time cops react?

    Or does UNFORGETTABLE have a … lady cop problem?

    — Ken from Chicago

  6. Mario in Philly says

    On The Good Wife, totally agree with your comments about the kids, Jackie and especially Kalinda. I think right now there are so many great characters on the show that it’s impossible to give them all the screen time they deserve, or that we want. Does Cary use that squint-smile-smirk a little too often?

    On Homeland, the point was made that Carrie didn’t have her medication with her for the weekend but it didn’t seem to affect her being without it. I believe this has happened before. How does not having her meds affect her and (though I’m not necessarily cheering that on) are we going to see her freak out at a crucial moment?

    @Ricky: I’m on Facebook too much. I want to give a thumbs-up “Like” to your Rick/Shane comment.

  7. Dan Heaton says

    Great episode. I could have easily listened to another hour about Firefly. I’m ready to go watch it again right now. My favorite episode is Out of Gas, though it’s close. The final shot of Mal first seeing Serenity is my favorite moment in the whole series. The look on Nathan Fillion’s face is priceless. I was glad to hear Simon list it. The others mentioned like Objects in Space, Shindig, and Our Mrs. Reynolds are all great choices. Ariel is also a good heist episode and near the top of my list. It’s a tough one, but I’d pick Jayne as my favorite character. A part of it is Adam Baldwin, but he’s also interesting because his character is so dynamic. He can be the most loyal guy in a gunfight but still may betray them for the right price. Nice job with the whole episode, and it was cool to hear Justine join the fun.

  8. Michael Ryan says

    So what Amazing Race team do you hate now Kate? Since you hating them seems to be the kiss of death. ( I was yelling stupid at the NFL team like crazy.)

    I loathed the father for throwing his son under the bus during the Renaissance dancing, saying that he would have aced it. Well then don’t ask your teenager to dance you frakking moron!

    I enjoyed the Opie/Thurston dynamic on Bones, but it looks like Daisy Wick will be filling the fifth wheel squint this week.

  9. Ricky says

    I get confused watching the Walking Dead because Rick has those pretty eyes and Shane has that hot bod — it is distracting

  10. Ricky says

    Who is Jesse and why is he covering my show AWKWARD.

    and isn’t James doing Hell On Wheels ?

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      Yes, I’m an idiot. In my defense, it was a long and difficult recording/editing process. I could’ve sworn I said Ricky and James… (relistening) Nope, as previously stated, idiot. I said Jesse and James. Perhaps I was feeling outlawy? The more surprising thing? That I immediately called you Ricky in the next sentence.

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