The Televerse #112- Strike Back: Shadow Warfare with Myles McNutt

With so much TV to discuss, we start paring down shows on the podcast this week, focusing on the most interesting of the bunch. First we start with the comedies, then we pair up the reality and genre categories, previewing Grimm season three and taking a look at the Reign pilot, and we finish up our week in TV with the dramas. Then we welcome on Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings and The A.V. Club to help us discuss this week’s finale of Strike Back: Shadow Warfare, as well as the season as a whole.

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Season Spotlight: Strike Back: Shadow Warfare with Myles McNutt (59:43)

Our Week in Comedy
It’s Always Sunny… (9:24)
Key & Peele (11:20)
The League (12:53)
Childrens Hospital (13:15)
Parks and Recreation (13:44)
Eastbound & Down (18:08)

Our Week in Reality
The Amazing Race/The Voice (22:57)

Our Week in Genre
Preview Grimm Season 3 (25:50)
Reign pilot (26:26)
AHS: Coven (29:04)

Our Week in Drama
Scandal (36:43)
Parenthood (37:14)
Masters of Sex (41:00)
The Good Wife (52:05)

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