The Televerse #115- The Tick (1994) with Tyler Smith

The Tick season 1 DVD ad

After taking last week off, the network series are back, giving us plenty of TV to discuss on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including the season finale of It’s Always Sunny…, then we talk a little reality, and then we focus on the genre series before finishing our week in TV with the dramas. Afterward, we welcome Tyler Smith of Battleship Pretension and More Than One Lesson back to the podcast to help us discuss the short-lived, but cult favorite animated series, The Tick. Spoon!

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DVD Shelf: The Tick (1994) with Tyler Smith (1:49:02)

Our Week in Comedy
Network Comedy Roundup (8:27)
It’s Always Sunny… finale (14:13)
Eastbound & Down (16:14)

Our Week in Reality
The Voice (21:04)
The Amazing Race (23:50)

Our Week in Genre
Kate’s Network Genre Roundup (29:08)
Sleepy Hollow (31:50)
American Horror Story: Coven (35:04)
Les Revenants (38:49)

Our Week in Drama
Scandal and Parenthood (42:29)
Boardwalk Empire (45:03)
Masters of Sex (50:38)
The Good Wife (56:23)

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