The Televerse #116- The IT Crowd with Jason Griffin

The IT Crowd cast photo

With a finale and some pilots, it’s another full week of television on the podcast. We kick things off with comedy and reality, including the pilot for Ground Floor and the series finale (for reals this time. Probably.) of Eastbound & Down, then move on to genre, including a few words on the Almost Human pilot, and wrap up the week in TV with drama, including the pilot for the British import Black Mirror. Then it’s over to the DVD Shelf, where Jason Griffin, the TVaholic, joins us to discuss the cult British comedy The IT Crowd.

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DVD Shelf: The IT Crowd with Jason Griffin (1:10:51)

Our Week in Comedy
Comedy Roundup (11:13)
Eastbound & Down finale (16:14)

Our Week in Reality
Top Chef New Orleans (20:29)
The Amazing Race (21:37)

Our Week in Genre
Grimm and Almost Human pilot (26:33)
Doctor Who (28:56)
American Horror Story: Coven (32:54)
Les Revenants (40:01)

Our Week in Drama
Black Mirror (43:34)
Parenthood (50:29)
Boardwalk Empire (54:46)
Masters of Sex (57:58)
The Good Wife (1:04:37)

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