The Televerse #12- Veronica Mars with Dan Heaton

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This week, on The Televerse, Simon catches up Sons of Anarchy, Kate has a few bones to pick with HIMYM, and Public Transportation Snob and Sound on Sight’s Dan Heaton comes on the show to talk Veronica Mars. This week, we cover New Girl, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family, Suburgatory, Happy Endings, the South Park finale, Top Chef: Texas, Community, Parks and Rec, It’s Always Sunny…, Beavis and Butthead, Prime Suspect, Supernatural, Grimm, Fringe, Amazing Race, The Good Wife, and HIMYM. Then we spotlight this week’s Homeland episode, “Achilles Heel”, before heading over to the DVD Shelf with Dan Heaton to gush over teen-driven television noir.

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  1. Keith Viverette says

    By the way Kate you will love Justified.

  2. Ricky says

    Kate beefs to watch Justified before she submits her top 10 TV shows

  3. Kate Kulzick says

    tmack- Great to hear from you! Good point about Carrie- it’s definitely an interesting, and marked, change.

    Keith- You know what they say, different strokes. For me, yes the show is fun with just the two brothers, but it’s definitely at its best when there’s a third voice around. As Sam and Dean have grown increasingly angsty and unable to communicate with or trust each other, the importance of that third person has grown. Also, while Eric Kripke is no longer showrunning, he was very much involved with at least season six. If they were going to kill Bobby, it seems to me he wouldn’t have gotten out of that chair in season five. However, I’m glad to hear such a strong response/defense from you- where do you see the season heading?

    Also, the notion that our limited TV coverage reflects on your personal taste is pure poppycock.

    1. Keith Viverette says

      I think eventually this season they’ll beat the Leviathans.

      If they were gonna do this storyline since it seems like a lot of their stuff lately that it is bible based I wish they would’ve done it earlier.

      In the beginning days of the show or shortly after when it was more popular and they still had a budget they probably would’ve been able to show a better representation of what the Leviathians look like.

      If I remember in the bible they are supposed to be giant dragons/great(large dragons). Its unfortunate that they are doing the story now because of the non-existent budget we Can’t see anything but sharp teeth.

      I would’ve loved to see what their version of massive dragons would’ve looked like. Do you think its coming back next year? Gotta be running out of stories.

  4. Keith Viverette says

    WOW, Kate I have to say I totally disagree with your take on Supernatural. I have been watching the show since day one and it started with the boys on the road together and I loved it.

    If they (whoever’s writing it now) knows whats good for them thats the way they’ll end it. I love the dynamic of just the two brothers on the road together. I see others being with them or along with them as a bonus but to me its never been the story of a group of people or the people with them from time to time but their story.

    I believe thats why so early on they kill off their father. I think its supposed to be about them surviving alone after what he spent a lifetime teaching them.

    I think it’s like “I got you this far” , “Its up to you to finish this”. I think that makes it more incredible to me that Bobby has lasted this long. I thought he’d be dead already, to be honest he probably was supposed to be but two things have kept him alive:

    1. The original show runner has left and is no longer in charge and since its gone past his five year plan he has no say in it.

    2. I think the actor is extremely popular (who doesn’t love Bobby) I do too. I don’t think he’s supposed to still be around though. I’m glad he is though.

    Anyhow this is at least one hardcore Supernatural fan who’s watched since day one who watches the show and has always watched the show just for the dynamic of the two brothers on the road trying to keep the world from going to hell in a handbasket.

    I just wanted to let you know that we are out here.

    I love it just like that so when it is like that it doesn’t bother me.

    I also think I may have bad taste anyway though so you may wanna disregard what I just typed because I realized though I like you guy’s show 90% of what I watch never makes it into the podcast. I think maybe 2 or 3 shows do but other than that notta.

    I like the show so I listen anyhow. Anyway looking forward to the next show.

  5. tmack says

    Yes, I am still listening to you guys, though mainly for the shows I watch regularly. Homeland remains my favorite, post-Breaking Bad. This week I focused on Carrie’s behavior as it pertains to both Saul and Brody. I find it rather fascinating that she now runs to both men to give them secret information.

    One new show (a Starz original series) I’ve been pulled into is Boss, with Kelsey Grammer. He plays the mayor of Chicago, city of dirty machine politics. What makes it intriguing is that his character is suffering from some kind of degenerative neurological disorder that he’s desperately trying to cover up. Grammer is absolutely superb, and it’s his character that makes me tolerate the flaws in this show. For one, there is a lot of naked sex, generally of women disrobing. I’m not sure why they’ve included so much of that. The other con is a lack of authenticity in how Chicago is conveyed. I’m from Chicago. In my lifetime, Chgo has never had a literate, polished mayor like this one (except Harold Washington). None of the pols sound anything like Chicago people. If it weren’t for the scenery shots, this show could be about the Mayor of Hollywood. I hope the writers can get this show right because Grammer is jaw-dropping spectacular in the role.

    1. Simon Howell says

      Grammer is indeed great in the role, but I must admit I stopped watching after Episode 2, which was very, very silly.

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