The Televerse #135- The Twilight Zone with Scott Meslow

With comedy finales galore and plenty of semi-cathartic drama, it was a full week in TV, giving us a lot to dive into on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including the pilot of Friends with Better Lives, then we break down the comedy finales, including Chozen, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Broad City, and HIMYM, and then we dig in with the hour-longs, from The Amazing Race: All-Stars  to Hannibal to a tearful The Good Wife. Afterward, Scott Meslow, Entertainment Editor of The, returns to the DVD Shelf to help us take a look at the amazing, classic, and utterly unique The Twilight Zone.

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DVD Shelf: The Twilight Zone with Scott Meslow (1:15:14)

Our Week in Comedy
Friends with Better Lives pilot (9:32)
New Girl (11:48)
Bob’s Burgers (13:45)
Rick and Morty (14:45)
Archer (15:48)
Enlisted (18:47)

Our Week in Comedy Finales
Chozen finale (23:08)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale (24:54)
Broad City finale (27:25)
HIMYM finale (30:44)

Our Week in Reality: The Amazing Race: All-Stars (46:27)

Our Week in Drama
The Red Road (48:08)
Parenthood (48:30)
Hannibal (54:44)
Justified (59:31)
The Americans (1:03:57)
The Good Wife (1:06:53)

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