The Televerse #14- Xena: Warrior Princess with Ro Karen

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This week on The Televerse, Simon still doesn’t like the New Girl, Kate’s surprised by The Amazing Race, and we both hate I Hate My Teenage Daughter. We go through our week in TV, spotlight Homeland’s, “Representative Brody”, and welcome Ro Karen from Starbase66 on to discuss that B-TV classic, Xena: Warrior Princess. This week, we cover Sons of Anarchy, New Girl, Top Chef: Texas, Community, Parks and Rec, It’s Always Sunny…, Prime Suspect, Supernatural, Amazing Race, Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, and HIMYM. Then we try to figure out Homeland before heading over to the DVD Shelf with Karen to channel our inner badasses.

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  1. Keith Viverette says

    I love Xena. I just checked my collection and I own the first three seasons on DVD but have 3 more to buy. I believe I would’ve had them all already but ran out of money while I was buying them. I started out watching Hercules and then Xena when they both used to air and initially liked Hercules better. Over time though eventually I look forward to watching Xena much more. I now have one more season of Xena than Hercules. I do think i’ll eventually own all of both of them though.

  2. Kate Kulzick says

    Mario- Any Top Chef favorites? The whole crew feels pretty generic to me still.

    Ken- I absolutely agree with Sepinwall’s overall complaint, and yes, this particular device could be another instance in that annoying trend, but attributing it to that alone is a mistake, imo. Basically, I think the emotional reality of the situation gives it a pass. Don’t worry though, I’m a big fan of Sepinwall. Mo Ryan too. Love your passion! Also love the vehemence of your iTunes hate. lol.

  3. Ken from Chicago says

    Finally, I would rate The Televerse podcast on iTunes except I would have to launch iTunes to do so and I have a hatred for that software that the fire of a thousand suns couldn’t begin to touch, that’s only out-hated by my hatred of Facebook and its privacy squelching, be it accidental or deliberate, ways..

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. The Televerse should be 4 of 5 stars, IMHO.

  4. Ken from Chicago says

    Oh, THE GOOD WIFE was a good episode, but like Sepinwall and the HIMYM framing device irritation, I was irritated that the ONE time Alicia finally sets her phone to vibrate, after years of having that stupid “Mom, pick up” ringtone–and never cancelling it, or having someone else cancel it or replace it (thus the annoying background ring when Diane called Will during his lunch–and their nooner). That rattled me. It seemed a little coincidental.

    That said, I totally agree, THE GOOD WIFE has a legion of great supporting, recurring, guest-starring characters to draw upon (e.g., Gary Cole’s conservative gun expert and love interest to the liberal Diane, an uber-positive blonde lawyer who went to trial against Alicia whose name I can’t remember, the daddy detective, Cary, who has become totally awesome since he was fired from Lockhart Gardner, et al.).

    I don’t have premium cable, so I do not watch HOMELAND, but I’ve heard reviews about it here (and Sepinwall, who also loves the show, along with other critics). Is it possible there are MULTIPLE moles? Mandy’s character could be a mole for his superiors in government while a 2nd mole is leaking info to the baddies?

    No, Kate, no. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, I repeat DO! NOT! watch the 2nd XENA musical. Be grateful you somehow missed it or have repressed memory of it. It’ll break your heart in comparison to the awesomeness that was “The Bitter Suite”.

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. “Don’t do it / Just keep your eye on the sparrow / Don’t do it / When the cold wind gets narrow”–Sammy Davis, Jr., BARETTA (theme song).

  5. Ken from Chicago says

    Hey, Televersers, my involvement with tv reviews began way back in ancient days with a digest-sized magazine called “TV Guide”, back before cable–aka The Dark Ages.

    Then I went on to the Sun-Times, which had daily columns and at one point, Phil Rosenthal (no relation to the creator of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, or so he says), who did specials and daily blurbs about what was good in primetime and the weekend before he got hired by the Trib and did the same until he got moved to the business section.

    He was replaced by a new tv critic, Maureen “Mo” Ryan, who was and is a great tv critic of not only mainstream tv, but who also “gets” genre tv, what’s good and what’s bad in it, for example, CHUCK, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and LOST.

    She would go on to go online and even have a podcast with another tv critic, Ryan McGee, about LOST, called Orientation Station, and when LOST ended go on to a general purpose tv review podcast. However her many reviews of LOST would also make references to, quotes of and links to another tv critic, whom I later learned was from New Jersey, yes, Alan Sepinwall.

    I ended following a lot of his reviews and found they, like Mo’s, were pretty good and I tended to agree with them pretty much, or at least got enough from the review to understand his viewpoint when we disagreed. Thru him I got introduced to other tv critics, James Poniewozik, Ken Tucker, Dan Fienberg (tho I found out about Tom Shales long before even I knew of Mo).

    That’s my long-winded way of addressing a disagreement with Sepinwall’s ire of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I tried it when it first debuted, after BUFFY ended and Alyson “Willow” Hannigan went on to it, while Nicholas “Xander” Brendon went on to some cooking show with Bradley “Vaughn” Cooper. I preferred the latter, having been spoiled by SCRUBS, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK and NBC’s line of single-camera sitcoms over CBS’ more tradition 3 fixed-cameras, setup, punchline, pause for laughter, lather rinse repeat sitcoms. So my ire isn’t anywhere close to hot at Kate’s dis of my boy, Sepinwall.

    That said, I think you missed the point of it, since it’s a nugget Sepinwall has grated on repeatedly over the years about HIMYM, that the show keeps teasing the audience, and the hardcore fans about The Mother, keep bringing up that plot arc specifically, explicitly, only to do a bait and switch on them (e.g., the Barney wedding). So he was especially hot under the collar about them doing so with Cobie’s character (“Robin”?). He states he should have focused more on how great an episode it was and at Cobie’s Emmy-quality performance but the framing device irked him to no end. But it was not because of the device itself, but that it was yet another in a long trend of TPTB of the show pulling a bait and switch on the fans.

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. The Defense rests.

  6. Mario in Philly says

    Top Chef – I have to stop tweeting and reading tweets during this show because I missed so much! My fave four were on the bottom last week. I have to rethink who I like. And you’re right about the show airing a catch-up backstory as a clue to that chef’s departure. They always do that.

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The funniest part for me is watching them on one side of the city and then in the next shot they are crosstown, like 15 blocks away. And going into the movie theater – the exterior shot was of the TLA, which is now a small concert venue and then inside it was a stadium seated cinema.

    Amazing Race – total shock! Never considered the snowboarders’ elimination. Who will win? I’m going Ernie/Cindy, then Amani/Marcus then Jeremy and Sandy. But this was an exciting episode and it shows you never know how the race will play out. Yes the Tintin segment was blatant but especially for the Americans not familiar with the story. I’m ready to see it!

    The Good Wife – So with the ending, did the whole non-kidnapping incident push Alicia closer to Peter? If so, I don’t like that. And Will never had to ease off with her nor admit to Diane that he would. Kalinda was responsible for finding Grace but took no credit. I think I want Alicia closer to Kalinda more than anyone else!

    Homeland – I don’t want the mole to be Saul but if it was would he be more of a “bad” guy than Brody? And Carrie would really appear to be out on her own. There is no way Mike would have no connection to this, right?

    The Closer is back for a mid-season session of episodes. Last night’s was the Christmas episode with Fred Willard as an egg nog slurping Santa. Kyra Sedgewick is great as Brenda Leigh Johnson, but especially when she has to bring back her detectives from intense staring at a sexy woman in the office. Her line to them: “Would y’all look at yourselves, like a bunch of diabetics in front of a candy story.”

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