The Televerse #146- Gilmore Girls with Whitney McIntosh

It’s Summer Premiere Time, giving us a lot of television to cover this week on the podcast. First we talk the week’s comedy and reality offerings, including a preview of BBCA’s new comedy Almost Royal and the finale of Louie. Then we take a look at ABC’s offerings from this past year, in another installment of Sean’s Network Report Cards, and afterward we finish up the week in TV with both genre and drama, including previews of Dominion, The Musketeers, The Last Ship, and Rectify season two and the finales of Game of Thrones and In The Flesh. Then Whitney McIntosh of My TV Sang To Me joins us at the DVD Shelf to break down the pros and cons of a series close to all of our hearts, Gilmore Girls.

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DVD Shelf: Gilmore Girls with Whitney McIntosh (1:21:28)

Our Week in Comedy and Reality
Preview Almost Royal (8:41)
SYTYCD (10:49)
Adventure Time (15:30)
Enlisted (18:54)
Louie finale (21:44)

Sean’s Network Report Card: ABC (30:04)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Preview Dominion (39:51)
Preview The Musketeers (46:28)
Preview The Last Ship (49:09)
Preview Rectify (51:54)
Make Sean Watch Love/Hate (53:33)
Game of Thrones finale (56:46)
Fargo (1:01:07)
Penny Dreadful (1:04:05)
Orphan Black (1:07:12)
In The Flesh finale (1:12:38)

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