The Televerse #162- Alias with Emma Fraser

Alias season one cast photo

There may be fewer TV shows to discuss this week, but there are many interesting episodes, both successes and failures, giving us plenty to talk about this week on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including a spooktacular Gravity Falls, the pilots of Bad Judge and Mulaney, and Bob’s Burgers’ musical premiere. Then we dive in to a full week in drama, including a preview of next week’s The Affair pilot, the Gracepoint pilot, the Homeland premiere, the Stalker pilot, and a controversial (or it would’ve been, if people were still invested) Doctor Who. Afterward, Emma Fraser from TV Ate My Wardrobe joins us at the DVD Shelf for one of our more contentious discussions, as we look at perhaps the quintessential J.J. Abrams TV series, Alias.

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DVD Shelf: Alias with Emma Fraser (1:15:29)

Our Week in Comedy
Streaming catch-up (9:38)
Gravity Falls (12:49)
Pilot roundup (13:56)
Key & Peele (21:41)
Bob’s Burgers premiere (23:30)

Our Week in Drama
Preview The Affair pilot (27:48)
Gracepoint pilot (31:17)
Homeland premiere (35:11)
Stalker pilot (40:32)
The Knick (45:52)
Boardwalk Empire (48:45)
The Good Wife (50:01)
Doctor Who (55:46)

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