The Televerse #169- Over the Garden Wall with Noel Kirkpatrick

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The fall finales have begun, giving us plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. First we look at the week’s comedies, including another eventful Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episode as well as a double dose of Jane the Virgin. Next we talk a little reality and genre, including Simon’s catchups with Penny Dreadful and Attack on Titan and a Nerd Rage-inducing The Legend of Korra. Last up are the dramas, including another entertaining The Newsroom and the midseason finale of The Good Wife. Afterward, Noel Kirkpatrick from returns to the DVD Shelf to sing the praises of the lovely 2014 animated miniseries, Over the Garden Wall.

Language Warning: The Televerse is usually a PG-rated podcast but for various reasons (*cough* Nikelodeon and Korra *cough*), there are quite a few f-bombs lobbed during this week’s episode, including during the DVD Shelf.

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DVD Shelf: Over the Garden Wall with Noel Kirkpatrick (1:22:53)

Our Week in Comedy
Adventure Time (9:57)
Key & Peele (12:46)
Bob’s Burgers (14:15)
Jane the Virgin (15:48)

Our Week in Reality
Top Chef (25:16)
The Amazing Race (27:02)

Our Week in Genre
Penny Dreadful (27:41)
Attack on Titan (33:51)
Banshee (37:04)
Supernatural (39:56)
Constantine (40:40)
The Legend of Korra (43:01)

Our Week in Drama
Elementary (47:29)
Kingdom (48:19)
Parenthood (54:09)
The Affair (57:14)
The Newsroom (1:02:18)
The Good Wife (1:09:21)

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